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Welcome to Hurst Painting Company

Hurst Painting Company has been in the painting business since 1968
specializing in top quality residential and commercial painting in new construction as well as with older structures, both inside and out.

  Gerry Hurst
Architectural Digest

We do ALL kinds of residential painting, except where quality is compromised for a low price.
From custom cabinet stain and paint finishes, wood deck & siding  restoration, difficult access houses (cliff hangers), environmentally safe coatings, water proof coatings, fire retardant coatings,...

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Interiors Magazine

Although we can do ANY commercial job from individual offices, stores, warehouses and hi-rises, our favorite is tenant improvement work.
We have hundreds of references from general contractors, designers and tenants from all over the world. To name a few, Geox shoes, Bottega Veneta,...

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Faux Finish

We do some of the best faux / custom fine art finishes avilable which includes all glaze effects, sponging, rag rollining, antiqueing, graining, marbelizing, Granite, Venetian plaster, Lime Washes, Trump l'oeil, murals, textures, crackle, the list goes on, and often we're creating new finishes unique only to your project...

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Current References

Many of these customers that we have listed on the following page have been using Hurst Painting Company for over
25 years
, and on many different projects.


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